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JUST SAYIN’..... Classic Rock!

The band formed in early 2010 with Keith Brown (Guitar / Vocals), Bill Hooks (Lead Vocals / Guitar) and Bruce Hester (Bass / Vocals).  Later in 2010, Tom Ross (Sound Engineer) joined the group which addED to the  variety and quality of classic rock music they perform.  on January 1, 2014, Gerry “G-Love” Smith landed on drums, ADDING his high-energy,  mesmerizing ROCK beat.  IN MID-2014, Chris Thomas (Lead Vocals and Guitar) joined the group adding a dynamic dimension. 2018 proved to be the defining year for Just Sayin’, with the addition of Husband and Wife Duo, Heather and Shaun Sanders. Heather completed the vocal Trio and Shaun added Brilliant percussion. Our last “Crowned Jewel” was added late in 2018 with the addition of Master Musician / Keyboardest, Michael Heavner and Thus, completing the  Rockin’ band...  JUST SAYIN’


Tom Ross

Sound Engineer

Little Rock, AR

Keith Brown

Lead Guitarist / Vocals

Benton, AR

Bill “B-Dawg” Hooks

Lead Vocals / Guitar

North Little Rock, AR

Gerry “G-Love” Smith

Drums / Vocals

Benton, AR

Bruce Hester

Bass / Vocals

Benton, AR

Shaun Sanders


Malvern, AR

Chris Thomas

Lead Vocals / Guitar

Benton, AR

Heather Dial Sanders
Lead Vocals
Malvern, AR
Michael Heavner
Mabelville, AR